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a type of visual art related to writing

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The number of "components" (potentially) to define a Chinese character typeface

This post goes into some hypotheticals on how long it might take to design a Chinese font compared to a Latin font. It shows an image of potentially some "radicals" which could be used as the base ...
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Can anyone assist me in the translation of this vertical inscription and the oval seal positioned below it?

This text is inscribed to the left on my calligraphy style zen Buddhist painting. I guess this could be considered running script. There is an oval shaped, white character seal located directly below. ...
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What do these two single-character calligraphic artworks mean? (Characters identified: 忍, 壽)

My mother purchased calligraphy artwork with these two symbols many years ago and now I have them and do not know what they mean. They are lovely, but I'd rather not hang them in my home without ...
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