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Questions tagged [calligraphy]

a type of visual art related to writing

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Artist name and date of painting

What is the artist name and date of the painting? It’s ink on paper 7.5 in x 8 in.
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1 answer

Who is this artist?

Any help will be appreciated, am lost
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Help to translate Chinese Calligraphy

I recently purchased this scroll from an auction, can anyone translate what is says please? Thank you in advance for reading.
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1 answer

I'm trying to figure out who the artist is on a painting. (Characters identified: on the seal 曹蘇斯 and the calligraphy 我心畫)

Had this painting for about a decade, asked for a translation of the text one reddit and this is what they were able to provide me. 我心畫 Ambiguous, perhaps "painted with my heart" or painted ...
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Can you help me identify the artist and seal (Characters identified: 一青)

These came from my grandfather who fought in WW2.
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Identify Painting Chinese or Japanese? (Characters identified: 華岳 洪氏)

I bought a scroll painting. It looks very old painting. It is a very beautiful painting but I want to know the artist name and what it is written in there. Kindly help me in identifying this. Thanks ...
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Can someone help me to decipher this seal? (Characters identified: 君子愛人以德)

Can someone help me to decipher this seal? Edit: On the side carving I could read the date (辛未十二月 xīn wèi shí èr yuè: 12 1931/1991). What is the name of the carver?
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3 answers

Convert handwritten Chinese Characters into Chinese Fonts

I have a list of Chinese names in Chinese calligraphy. I'd like to enter them in a website with my mouse and have the app provide the names in a Chinese font that I can cut and paste in a Family Tree (...
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