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Questions related to the Chinese New Year, greetings and idioms used during this holiday. Use other tags as appropriate if your question isn't focused on language, e.g. [culture].

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Happy Lunar New Year or Happy Chinese New Year?

請問各位傾向說哪個 ? 農曆在亞洲社會較為多為華人慶祝 Happy Lunar New Year much more like for all country celebating New Year ? Or perfer Chinese New Year ? 農曆新年快樂比較適合還是中式新年快樂 ? The last one sounds weird in Chinese ? Since in ...
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Etymology behind the phrase 恭喜发财 (Kung Hei Fat Choy) and its usage during Chinese New Year?

Where did the phrase 恭喜发财 (Kung Hei Fat Choy) come from? And why is it so popularly used during Chinese New Year? I knew it was first popularised in Canton areas probably around 18~19th century. ...
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Do people in China say 新年快乐 at Spring Festival?

The questions Is there a traditional Chinese New Year greeting? and Which expression do native speakers actually use: Chinese New Year or Spring Festival (or other)? describe various greetings for ...
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What are the most popular new year greetings in Cantonese?

Lots of sites highlight the most popular new year greetings in Mandarin. What are the most popular ones for Cantonese, ideally categorized by usage (e.g., family, business, health, kids, parents, ...
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How to greet "Chinese New Year" to your Girlfriend [closed]

I want you to suggest me some very good greetings for Chinese New year which can make my girl friend think that I love her so much and I love her Only :p
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What greetings or sayings are there that are used during the new year, specific to the Year of the Snake?

At the New Year, there are some sayings or greetings that are lucky or considered "好听", which are especially fitting since they have to do with the upcoming new year. For example, at the New Year of ...
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What is the significance of the phrase “二十五,糊窗户”?

The phrase “糊窗户” refers to the practice of pasting paper cutouts (similar to the one seen here) on one's windows. There's a common larger saying, “二十五,糊窗户”, which I assume means that this is usually ...
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How should one answer this question about 年?

Thanks to @xiaohuozi's wonderful suggestion. This is my question for the friendly contest. How should one answer this question 今年是什么年? (jin nian shi shen me nian) - which/what year is this? It ...
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