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For questions about character or word databases. Use [terminology] for questions about database theory or computer science.

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Database of nouns linked to pictures

Are there any large databases of Chinese noun words, each with a corresponding picture of what the thing looks like? The closest resource found so far are 'visual dictionary' books.
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Where can I find a database of all recorded 姓?

I can't read or write Chinese well, so this question is perhaps easy to search for if you do. So far I have had no luck. I am looking for a list of all recorded Chinese last names (or at least the ...
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Is there a dictionary or database of Chinese morphemes and Chinese words with morphological information?

Linguistics textbooks on Chinese morphology identify the morpheme (词素/语素) and word (词) as linguistic entities. In addition, they propose a classification system for morphemes (词素/语素) as: 自由 eg. 地 牛 走 ...
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Which is the most common chengyu (idiom)?

I was discussing a linguistics paper about chengyu in one of my YouTube videos and wondered what is the most common chengyu. It's the kind of question someone like me would like to know off the top ...
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Are there any datasets or spreadsheets that contain the most popular Chinese characters and their components?

I'm trying to build a program to help me study Chinese, and one way that helps me remember characters is dividing them into components. I'm using a website called to do ...
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What does this MYSQL image say? (Database Locks)

I am reading a mysql article about different kind of locks and this image appeared: Unfortunately, I cannot copy paste the words because it's in an image. I also don't know how to reproduce this with ...
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Chinese transliterated place names

I am looking for a database of place names which would be non-Chinese place names listing their transliteration into Chinese. When I view Google Maps on my iPhone with the phone language set to ...
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Where would one find a library of Chinese classics that have never been translated into English?

Suppose an English-speaking software developer and data scientist were interested in finding ancient Chinese writings that have never before been translated into English. Suppose a developer desired ...
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Where can I find a collection of samples of Mandarin spoken words, annotated with pinyin and tones?

I recently built the following app that lets you listen to a Chinese word and asks tests your tone hearing ability: I'd like to extend it, but in order to get there I need ...
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The minimal set of characters containing any stroke a Chinese character might have

Wondering if there is a set of Chinese characters, some arbitrary set, that demonstrates every possible way a stroke can be used (or just is currently used) in any Chinese character. To put it in a ...
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Where can I find a list of chinese characters and their transcription in the 5 stroke classes used in the 五笔画 (wǔ bǐhuà) and Wubixing input method?

For a personal project I want to create a (huge) graph that contains some (as many as possible) chinese characters along the paths of their corresponding keyboard input using the 5 stroke classes ...
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4 votes
2 answers

Chinese literature database 中文文学作品资料库

Suppose I have a phrase like 说得很好, and I want to know how this phrase is normally used (that is, what usually comes before or after, e.g. maybe it's most commonly used in conjunction with the phrase ...
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Where can I find a Chinese common phrase database? [closed]

I'm looking for a Chinese common phrase database for my project, where can I find something like this? 阿姨 菠菜 大法 风格 动物 森林 窗口 打开 回复 重播
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List of all traditional Chinese characters

I'm looking for a repository or database containing all traditional Chinese characters. Where can I find this?
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1 answer

Is there a database/application that sorts characters based on pronunciation, radical, frequency; and disyllabic compound words by frequency?

Researchers have used/cited the Academia Sinica Balanced Corpus of Modern Chinese for finding disyllabic compound words and characters with top-bottom and left-right construction. However I haven't ...
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Where can I find a dataset for Chinese characters to back an app I want to write?

I've been spending a lot of time learning chinese, and have some ideas for apps that would make this complicated process easier. I'm looking for datasets (ideally free) that I can use to back an app ...
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Is there a Chinese-Chinese dictionary api or database available that I can use in my own app?

Is there a Chinese-Chinese dictionary api or database available? I want to include it in an app I am developing. By "Chinese-Chinese" I mean that if you look up a word in Chinese you get a Chinese ...
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Is There A Chinese Version of Urban Slang Dictionary?

Many questions on this site concern various modern slang/dialect usages that require fairly extensive (and sometimes still unsuccessful) searches through the web. Every time I think about these ...
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新华字典 as CSV download available?

Here I can download the CC-CEDICT database, which backs the MDBG project's web site, as an CSV file. Personally, I am a fan of the great work of the MDBG project. Now, I am evaluating dictionaries ...
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3 answers

What Chinese characters are rare in modern but common in classical Chinese?

I browsed randomly through texts written in classical Chinese, and I noticed there were a lot of Chinese characters that were frequent in classical Chinese but never or rarely being present in modern ...
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How does CJK Decomposition compare to the Wikimedia Commons Chinese characters decomposition data?

I found two public databases that describe the composition of Chinese characters. 1 - CJK Decomposition Data 2 - Chinese Characters Decomposition on Wiki Commons I can see how the formats they use ...
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1 answer

Where can I find sample Simplified Chinese mailing address data? [closed]

I need to populate a database with Simplified Chinese mailing addresses. Where can I find some test data? Edit Since I'm trying to work with these addresses in a computer program, it would be nice to ...
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Where can I find audio recordings of every word? [closed]

Where can I find audio recordings (i.e. individual MP3s or WAVs) for every Chinese word? I have found some recordings of Chinese, but these only contain individual phonemes, not entire words. I am ...
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