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Questions tagged [difference]

For questions about differences or comparisons between two or more words, lexical nuances, characters, pronunciation, syntax, etc.

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When to use or skip 的 between two nouns?

Please helpme to understand the grammatical difference when using or skip 的 between two nouns。 What I know is that 中文, 西班牙 and 书 all are nouns. But in some cases thy become attributes Case a) 中文书 ...
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If 为, meaning 'for...', takes the reading [wèi] why, in the following examples, is [wéi] being used?

I had learned that 为 'for the purpose/sake of' took the reading 'wèi'. However, I have seen several instances of 'wéi' being used to mean the same thing. Are these readings interchangeable or is 'wéi' ...
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What's the difference between 不能,买不到,不用?

Recently i saw such sentences as "火车站的东西真不能买” and " 以后的事,以后再说;而不能肯定的事不要说” 。 I know that 能 means " be able to... " but I'm confused in these sentences . Can you explain its meaning ...
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What is the difference between 把握and 掌握in Chinese

In college we were asked that questions and I couldn't get any answers till now
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