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For questions about words of expressions that are specific to a certain gender (masculine, feminine, neuter, etc.) of their subject.

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Effects of gendered speech or lack of it

This question is only partly related to the Chinese language, so if it is off-topic please feel free to remove. Since the 1980s, there has been a movement in the English-speaking world to replace ...
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How can we identify gender if a female can be called 先生?

Today I am surprised to learn that 俞大絪, an authoress of an English textbook, is known as a 先生 (and it is very unlikely a Mr. as the word indicates because she is a real her). After searching this ...
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Does Chinese have a gender-neutral term for "homemaker"?

I've looked up homemaker, a generic and gender neutral term for house husband, house wife, or a person who stays at home and looks after the family and does house chores, in the Pleco dictionary, but ...
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What are Chinese terms for 'androgynous', 'gender neutral', 'non binary' etc. to imply gender neutrality?

I’m currently working on a textiles project for University inspired by Asian streetwear subculture and my main focus is androgyny and gender fluidity with the aim to create a collection of unisex/...
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Is 学长/学兄 gender specific?

So the word 学姐 is gender specific to woman so what about 学长? Is it only use for male? And if so is 学兄 for all gender?
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Gender neutral term for family members who are all first born?

Is there a gender neutral term for people who are first born in a family? For example, if a mother, father, and older sibling are all the first born to their parents, is there a term that describes ...
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What is the difference between 太太 and 夫人?

What is the difference between 太太 and 夫人? My book (外国人学汉语) translates it as the same word. “Woman (married)” and it says they can both be a suffix as well as a noun. Question: Is there really no ...
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What kinship terms to use for spouses of aunts and uncles in same-sex relationships?

In Chinese, the terms for aunts and uncles are pretty specific, depending on the exact relationship: Father's older brother's wife: 伯娘 Father's younger brother's wife: 嬸嬸 Father's sister's husband: ...
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Gender and age neutral word for partner (not married) in Mandarin?

I'm looking for a gender neutral word for a person that you are in a romantic relationship with, but not married to. Similar to "partner" in English. I also want it to be fairly neutral regarding age ...
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What is a non-gender specific way to specify a group of people when writing Chinese

If you write 'they' (tāmen) in Chinese characters, you have to be specific about the gender: 他们 / 她们 / 它们 All of them mean 'they' but what do you use if you mean a group mixed with men and women?
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Men's and women's Chinese names [duplicate]

I wonder, how precisely one can judge by name if the person is a man or woman. I would appreciate the most comprehensive list of attributes which can connote the gender of a person if we see his/her ...
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Should one write “妳好" when addressing a female?

With traditional Chinese characters it is correct and proper to address a female as “妳”. If I have a simple question, I think it's clear I should use the female form. 妳最近好嗎? But to say "hello", “...
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What is the ancient Chinese one-character name for woman like '子’ means man?

青青子衿,悠悠我心。但为君故,沉吟至今 Here: 子,对对方的尊称 子 implicitly implies the poem is addressing a man. The poem talks about how a lady misses a man. I just wonder if there is a corresponding word for Chinese. (i.e. ...
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How gender specific in writing is the character 他

A couple of years ago I wrote this comment below an answer: On mainland China 他 is used for both male and female. I've only seen 她 used as a stylistic thing for advertising and some old formal ...
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