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Translation of the sentence 我向我的女朋友学习

I wanted to say, I've been learning (Chinese) from my girlfriend. I thought it would be something like: 我在学习从我的奴朋友 (Pinyin: Wǒ zài xuéxí cóng wǒ de nú péngyǒu) Which Google Translate funnily ...
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1 answer

Why did "けっぱる", "You got this!" or "I got this!" got translated to "拼冲天"?

In Pokemon Scarlet/Violet, the character Kieran often said "拼冲天" during the climax of the battle or when he tries to encourage himself. The first instance of this is when Kieran battles the ...
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Does translate actually have it backwards - 别人在睡觉时的我?

Google translate looked at this: 别人在睡觉时的我 And said it means: me while others are sleeping is that correct or should it be: Others while I am sleeping.
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Can someone please translate this photo for me?

Can someone please look at the photo and translate to English for me?
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