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Questions tagged [grammar]

Questions about the grammatical rules governing Chinese structure and composition.

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Differences between 知识,知,识,知感 and 认识?

“知识” 两个字我始终认为它是要分开来谈的,“知” 就是知感,“识” 就是认识。所谓 “知感” 就是别人告诉你、说给你听、要求你记住的那一部分。但只有这一部分是不够的,还要有认识、思考。 This is from the Standard Course Book of HSK5, chapter 22. I would appreciate if you explain the ...
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Help understand this 却少了抬头看路,少了思考、总结这一重要的步骤?

“那是为了让我们的灵魂,能够追得上我们赶了三天路的疲劳的身体。” 多么富有哲理的话!在这个提倡和鼓励竞争的时代,我们常常只顾低头拉车,却少了抬头看路,少了思考、总结这一重要的步骤。 This is from the Standard Course Book of HSK5, section 26. I need your help for understanding this 却少了抬头看路,...
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What is the simplest viable method to segment Chinese text?

I understand that automated Chinese word segmentation (breaking up text into constituent words) is a hard problem, as it's sometimes possible to segment the same sentence in different ways. As a ...
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Does shi 是 have multiple meanings between copula and cleft?

I'm very much a beginner here learning Chinese and am likely to use the wrong grammatical terminology. I know that you can use 是 to equate a subject to a subject complement (e.g. he is a student). But ...
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Is 看上去(他们找到了新的游戏场所) an impersonal sentence (a proposition without a subject)?

I’m trying to do the analysis of the sentence 看上去他们找到了新的游戏场所. I thought that 看上去 was the verb of the impersonal sentence, and that the object was the subordinate 他们找到了新的游戏场所, but I can’t find anything ...
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What's the difference between 所有、全部都 and 全都

If it's possible could you gve some examples which show the difference between 所有、全部都 and 全都 and explain the usage of each?
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Collection of Chinese sentence-level grammar rules as semi-structured "data"?

I am looking for structured data of Chinese grammar, however much might have been done. Specifically sentence-level grammar. By "structured data", I mean something more structured than ...
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从。。。看 , 是。。。的 and 方面 in this sentence

I have this sentence from my textbook that is very confusing to me. 您看看这个,不管从价格方面看,还是从质量上看,都是值得考虑的。 First I understand it's meant to mean along the lines of: "Look at this one, not only in ...
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