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Questions about the grammatical rules governing Chinese structure and composition.

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What are the answers to the HSK6 语病 ("faulty wording") questions on the 22 publicly available HSK6 exams?

There are 22 publicly available HSK6 exams. Since I'm studying this topic for my upcoming exam, I might as well self-answer the question... Question: What are the answers to the HSK6 语病 ("faulty ...
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Differences between 知识,知,识,知感 and 认识?

“知识” 两个字我始终认为它是要分开来谈的,“知” 就是知感,“识” 就是认识。所谓 “知感” 就是别人告诉你、说给你听、要求你记住的那一部分。但只有这一部分是不够的,还要有认识、思考。 This is from the Standard Course Book of HSK5, chapter 22. I would appreciate if you explain the ...
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Can anyone explain the sentence structure for prepositions and using adjectives/numbers and measure words?

It's hard to remember where 有,在 and prepositions go. I'm also not sure how I would add adjectives to do with colour/size/numbers would go in the sentence.
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What is the simplest viable method to segment Chinese text?

I understand that automated Chinese word segmentation (breaking up text into constituent words) is a hard problem, as it's sometimes possible to segment the same sentence in different ways. As a ...
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Is 看上去(他们找到了新的游戏场所) an impersonal sentence (a proposition without a subject)?

I’m trying to do the analysis of the sentence 看上去他们找到了新的游戏场所. I thought that 看上去 was the verb of the impersonal sentence, and that the object was the subordinate 他们找到了新的游戏场所, but I can’t find anything ...
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If 为, meaning 'for...', takes the reading [wèi] why, in the following examples, is [wéi] being used?

I had learned that 为 'for the purpose/sake of' took the reading 'wèi'. However, I have seen several instances of 'wéi' being used to mean the same thing. Are these readings interchangeable or is 'wéi' ...
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Collection of Chinese sentence-level grammar rules as semi-structured "data"?

I am looking for structured data of Chinese grammar, however much might have been done. Specifically sentence-level grammar. By "structured data", I mean something more structured than ...
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从。。。看 , 是。。。的 and 方面 in this sentence

I have this sentence from my textbook that is very confusing to me. 您看看这个,不管从价格方面看,还是从质量上看,都是值得考虑的。 First I understand it's meant to mean along the lines of: "Look at this one, not only in ...
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