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Questions tagged [kinship]

For questions about words and expressions that involve kinship or familial relationships

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Can 孩子们 (háizǐmen) = "children (plural)" belong to the same family?

孩子们 (háizǐmen) refers to a plural of children. I don't recall ever reading parents referring to their children as 孩子们. Question: Can 孩子们 belong to the same family? I'm not sure how to answer this ...
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How do expressions like "二嫂" work in Mandarin?

From what I've known from watching Chinese dramas, siblings or fellow disciples may refer to each other as: "big brother/sister" (oldest/first) "2nd/3rd brother/sister" (in-...
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Gender neutral term for family members who are all first born?

Is there a gender neutral term for people who are first born in a family? For example, if a mother, father, and older sibling are all the first born to their parents, is there a term that describes ...
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What kinship terms to use for spouses of aunts and uncles in same-sex relationships?

In Chinese, the terms for aunts and uncles are pretty specific, depending on the exact relationship: Father's older brother's wife: 伯娘 Father's younger brother's wife: 嬸嬸 Father's sister's husband: ...
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Who exactly is a 干妈

This dictionary translates 干妈 as "Godmother", and my pocket dictionary also gives "nominal mother". In English, "Godmother" and "Godfather" are very specific titles - Your Godparents are the people ...
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Asking "how many cousins do you have?"

What is a collective term for first cousins? Everywhere I've looked it is emphasized that the correct term for "cousin" depends on age, sex and whether the cousin is on father's or mother's side. But ...
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Is it common to refer to cousins as "cousin-brothers"?

Most Chinese people I know don't have siblings. They refer to their cousin as "cousin brother / sister". Is this common? If so, is this a modern change, perhaps reflecting the one-child policy?
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Referring to great-grandparents

How do you refer to a specific great-grandparent? Does Chinese language has all 8 relationship titles to refer to one of them?
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How do I refer to someone's family member who's relative age I am unsure of?

Is there any way to refer to someones family member, lets say brother, who's relative age I am unaware of and consequently am unable to decisively call 弟弟 or 哥哥? Is there some sort of rule, like ...
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What's the difference between 舅舅 and 叔叔?

My favorite short story in modern Mandarin, 2015 by 王小波, is basically a long, humorous digression about the author's 舅舅: 我舅舅是个无照画家,和别人不同的是,他总在忙些正事。有时他在作画;有时他卖画,并且因此蹲在派出所里。他作画时把房门锁上,再戴上个防震耳罩,...
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