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Question specifically about the Mandarin dialect. (Not for arbitrary questions that happen to involve Mandarin.)

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Can anyone explain the sentence structure for prepositions and using adjectives/numbers and measure words?

It's hard to remember where 有,在 and prepositions go. I'm also not sure how I would add adjectives to do with colour/size/numbers would go in the sentence.
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Is there statistics on the frequency of individual pinyin syllables in real texts?

I'm interested in the frequency of pinyin syllables (both when including tones and toneless). This implies the usage in real text, weighted by the occurrences in the corpus, not by parsing a ...
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Chinese-characters learning software for Ubuntu (Linux)

I am looking for a software that shows a Chinese alphabet/word on my desktop with its pinyin and meaning in English, and each day it will give a different word. Since I am using a Linux (Ubuntu 18.04) ...
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How can I install Shuangpin in Rime for Traditional Characters only?

I am on a Windows 10 PC. I have installed the Zhengma method on RIME and have been using it for the past few months. But I want to try practicing with Shuangpin (aka Double Pinyin) since its easier on ...
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HSK5 writing exam

i am going to be taking the HSK5 exam soon, and i was wondering if there are any tips regarding the writing part, how to study for it, as far as characters go i can write them, but to make a paragraph ...
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What are some free eBooks to help my kids learn Chinese?

My son, who is 6 years old, really loves learning Chinese now. I want to find some free Chinese teaching e-books for my children. What resources did you use if you learn Chinese? Please share it, ...