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Question specifically about the Mandarin dialect. (Not for arbitrary questions that happen to involve Mandarin.)

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Can anyone explain the sentence structure for prepositions and using adjectives/numbers and measure words?

It's hard to remember where 有,在 and prepositions go. I'm also not sure how I would add adjectives to do with colour/size/numbers would go in the sentence.
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Is 林心鹭 a good Chinese name?

I’ve been looking to find a Chinese name and I found somewhere on a website the name “心鹭”. I instantly loved it because herons are my favourite birds so it’s meaningful for me, but I’m not sure if it ...
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What are some free eBooks to help my kids learn Chinese?

My son, who is 6 years old, really loves learning Chinese now. I want to find some free Chinese teaching e-books for my children. What resources did you use if you learn Chinese? Please share it, ...
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