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Questions tagged [meaning-in-context]

Questions about understanding words or phrases within a given context.

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What did Liu Cixin mean by: In this book, a man named “humanity” confronts a disaster?

In a postscript to the American edition of The Three-Body Problem / 三体, the author says: In science fiction, humanity is often described as a collective. In this book, a man named “humanity” ...
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What is the meaning of 结束退场时 in 却常常忽视结束退场时的准备?

比如说为了一场戏剧演出,我们会投入很多时间,准备服装、化妆、道具、舞台美术,以创造良好的效果,争取给观众留下一个好的印象,却常常忽视结束退场时的准备。 This is from the Standard Course Book of HSK5 section 17. What is the meaning of 结束退场时? end leaving the theater time? Why do ...
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How to read this and meaning

Just want to know how to read and meaning of this.
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Does "要超高15天" mean "15 days at most" or "more than 15 days"?

I asked my supplier how long to produce something in green color. 做绿色的要多长时间? They replied 要超高15天 Does "要超高15天" mean "15 days at most" or "more than 15 days"?
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If 为, meaning 'for...', takes the reading [wèi] why, in the following examples, is [wéi] being used?

I had learned that 为 'for the purpose/sake of' took the reading 'wèi'. However, I have seen several instances of 'wéi' being used to mean the same thing. Are these readings interchangeable or is 'wéi' ...
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