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About a potential Chinese version of the movie "Vom Suchen und Finden der Liebe"

I have a question concerning the German movie "Vom Suchen und Finden der Liebe" which appeared in 2005 in Germany's cinemas (cf. Wikipedia). Did this movie also appear in China with a ...
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Why foreign movies have multiple Chinese dubs?

I wanted to re-watch some movies I like in Chinese so I got Toy Story 1 and Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. The thing is both of them have 3 audio tracks, 1 Cantonese and 2 Mandarin. I don'...
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Rush Hour 2 dialog

Rush Hour 2 What was Hu Li (Ziyi Zhang) saying from 00:23 to 00:31 in the video?
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Etymology of 太太

I just finished the movie "Raise the Red Lantern" 【大红灯笼高高挂】with my girlfriend, and she asked me about the etymology of "太太” as lady, wife, mistress, etc. Given the rather simple nature ...
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“Big Fish & Begonia” 大鱼海棠

I just saw the movie, and I can’t understand why it has this title. First of all, A whale is not a fish! Is the word translated as “fish” used for all swimming animals? Even if that’s the case, any ...
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Is 憨豆先生 (Mr. Bean) commonly used to refer to Rowan Atkinson even when he's playing other characters, or when he's not acting?

Among the characters Rowan Atkinson has portrayed on TV and in movies is Mr. Bean, 憨豆先生 in Chinese. My impression is that people always call him 憨豆先生 (Mr. Bean) regardless of what role he is playing, ...
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Why Chinese subtitles in American shows are relatively simple?

Every time I watch an English show with Chinese subtitles, it's so much easier to read the subtitles than in a Chinese show. What do you think is the reason for it? Who does the translations? Can you ...
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What is the usage with these names?

The TV movies 流星花園 made in 2001 and 2008 have characters named 道明寺, 花澤類, and 藤堂靜, who are usually called 寺, 類, and 靜. I think those are just the second syllables of the two-syllable given names. ...
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Why does 定 (dìng) disable the monsters' movement in the movie 捉妖记 (Monster Hunt)?

In the movie 捉妖记 (zhuōyāojì), called Monster Hunt in English (Wikipedia, IMDB, Baidu, iQIYI), the movie's character 霍小岚 (Huòxiǎolán) attaches the Chinese hanzi 定 (dìng) to the head of monsters, and ...
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Chinese writings in Blade Runner movie [closed]

I've tried to find the characters seen in this picture (from a Blade Runner prop), using online Chinese OCR and other online tools but it's a real struggle for someone as clueless as me in Chinese... (...
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Are subtitles (often) necessary?

As mentioned in this question, in many Chinese videos, particularly those coming from large media outlets, there are subtitles. I am wondering to what extent experienced Chinese speakers (native or ...
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Is there Netflix-like service in China that lets you see Chinese dramas with subtitles for the learning purpose? [closed]

I wish this question were not classified as off-topic... I'm looking for Chinese serial dramas or movies to improve my hearing skills in Mandarin. Such dramas may be available on YouTube as well as ...
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Chinese writings on this movie plane

I'm trying to figure what characters and what meaning is in the Chinese writing on this plane. This image comes from the first Indiana Jones movie, so it may be possible that there are mistakes in it, ...
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Media Source for "Natural" Sounding Mandarin Chinese

I've been looking to improve my Chinese pronunciation and listening skills. When looking at most tv dramas and textbook dialogues, however, I can't help but notice that tones and pitches tend to be ...
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Does watching Chinese movies with English subtitles help in learning Mandarin? [closed]

Does watching Chinese movies with English subtitles help a beginner level Mandarin student to learn and improve the language?
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How would you translate The Martian's: "I'm going to science the s*** out of this"?

This is China's in theater subtitle version: 我得他妈的想办法活下去 A streaming video version: 只能开动脑筋想办法自救 Can you do better than the above? Namely by incorporating science into it, both of which don't include ...
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Can people carry on a conversation with each side speaking a different form of Chinese, like in some movies?

For example, in the movie Ip Man, the "northerner" martial arts fighter who comes to Foshan to challenge the local martial arts fighters always talks in Mandarin, while everybody he talks to (the ...
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9 Questions from the movie Red Sorghum (红高粱)

My friend bought me a set of four Zhang Yi Mou movies. I watched Red Sorghum (红高粱) today, and there were a few sentences which, after looking up the meanings, I still couldn't quite understand. I'll ...
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What should a beginner be looking for when selecting a movie in Chinese? [closed]

To enhance my Chinese language skills I am looking for some Chinese movies or series that fit a beginner's level. Currently I know around 1000 Hanzi. Is watching movies or series too early with this ...
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