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How can I find the Chinese meaning and possible characters for a Pinyin name (without tone marks)

I am trying to find out the Mandarin characters and the meaning behind a name, Most web sites I go to have very generic answers, if they answer at all. This thread doesn't answer my question ...
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What is written on these paintings and does it have any meaning?

Someone I know has a small business in buying/selling things. She asked if I know what the painting says as I know a limited amount of Japanese. while I couldn't read it even if it was Japanese, I ...
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Spelling of Given Names in Taiwan - Pinyin or "plain"? (+/- interpolated "n")

Pinyin Info says of the given names listed "I refer to these as “Taiwanese” names, I give the Mandarin forms (since Hanyu Pinyin is a system for writing Mandarin), not names in Hoklo/Hokkien (the ...
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Is 林心鹭 a good Chinese name?

I’ve been looking to find a Chinese name and I found somewhere on a website the name “心鹭”. I instantly loved it because herons are my favourite birds so it’s meaningful for me, but I’m not sure if it ...
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A Yixing teapot?

I have had this teaset for a number of years not really knowing much about it. I have been told it comes from the purple clay teapot museum as a limited edition of 100. I was informed that the mark on ...
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