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Unknown character/symbol/sign in a Taiwanese manhua - Resolved, thank you

Please, help me identify the meaning/purpose/origins of this symbol/sign/character? I suppose it might be used to describe emotions (like irritation or surprise?) or for onomatopoeia. However, I have ...
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2 answers

How to say wow in chinese and stretch it out? Woooaaaaah

How do you say "waaa~" in chinese? Woooaaaaaa~ To express being dazed by awe. I know 哇 exists but I'm not sure how to exaggerate it.
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What is the zhuyin for the onomatopoei bia1

Seeing that my existing code to map pinyin to zhuyin has no mapping for biā .. ao: "ㄠ", ba: "ㄅㄚ", bai: "ㄅㄞ", ban: "ㄅㄢ", bang: "ㄅㄤ", bao: "ㄅㄠ"...
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