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To 的 or not to 的

Sometimes you can omit the 的 from possessives. Some examples: 我的太太 → 我太太 他的名字 → 他名字 Sometimes you can not: 我口 to mean "my mouth" is wrong apparently 马克自行车 to mean "Mark's bicycle" is wrong ...
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Is this an exception in the use of 的?

I know that, when expressing possessives, we add 的 to the usual personal pronouns, such as 我的. However, in a question in my grammar textbook I saw: 你爸爸忙吗? = Is your father busy? Why not "你的爸爸忙吗?"?...
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Why is 的 at the end of phrases such as 那是他们的 and 钱他们的?

I'm confused with the possessive particle 的, it was explained to me as 's in English and "of" something. Like, Y的X becomes X of Y. 那是他们的。 他们的是那。 Here are two sentences that from that logic ...
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