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For questions about Chinese prepositions, some times also called coverbs, e.g. 在,往,对, etc.

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Is it correct to say “在手机”?

Would it be correct to use the phrase "在手机”/“在手机上” etc. to express that I am doing something on my phone? For example, could I say 我听音乐在我的手机上。 Or can 在 only be used for my actual physical location?...
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10 votes
5 answers

When can 把 be used?

I know it switches the order of the verb and object and can be used to place emphasis on the object. 我把东西放在椅子上 And 把 should be used to indicate some kind of change is happening to the object. In ...
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When to use 住在 and when to use just 住?

I have encountered the following sentences: 以前人们住这样的房子 现在人们住这样的房子 Why do these sentences NOT use 住在? I have learned that 住 takes 在 in order to take the location noun after that. Or maybe is it a ...
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