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How do you know when you are using compound words vs. a sequence of simple words in Chinese?

I learned today that these words are made out of simple words: Giraffe 長頸鹿:long neck deer Hippopotamus 河馬:river horse Many other examples exist of this sort of thing in Chinese. My question is, how ...
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Why does "Lüzhijiang" or "Lvzhijiang" Bridge (绿汁江大桥) look so strange to me?

CNN's Record-breaking suspension bridge set to open in Yunnan, China says: Stretching 798 meters over a river valley, Lvzhijiang Bridge's mere length may not sound all that extreme when compared to ...
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What is difference between 新疆 and 新疆生产建设兵团?

In the reports of COVID-19 pandemic situation, China's media often make special mention of 新疆生产建设兵团 after the provinces,autonomous regions and municipalities under the direct administration of central ...
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Translation for "Woodlouse"

What is the best simplified Chinese translation for the isopod known as the common European "Woodlouse", also called "Sow bug" or "Pill bug" in US? (See for ...
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Are there concrete rules of conversion between "homophone" English and Chinese proper names?

Recently, I have come across quiet a few English names which sound very similar in Chinese Mandarin. To quote a few examples :- English : Chinese ( Pinyin ) Australia : 澳大利亚 ( Àodàlìyǎ ) John : 约翰 ...
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2 answers

Large List/DB of (Mandarin) Chinese Geographical Names and Entitites (for NER)

Is there a freely available list of geographical entities, like cities, provinces (in China and abroad), names of rivers, mountains, etc.? I am looking for something like GeoNames, but it doesn't ...
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How to differentiate MacBook Air from MacBook Pro in Chinese?

In Chinese, Macintosh is described as 苹果的电脑, and MacBook series are described as 苹果的笔记本电脑. However, I don't know how to differentiate MacBook Air from MacBook Pro. Apple's Chinese page doesn't ...
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Which characters typically occur only within names?

Does anyone know where I can find a list of characters that are, at least in common usage, found only as a component of names (especially of persons) in modern Chinese? I have in mind characters such ...
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Dog radical (犭) for non-Han ethnic groups

As far as I understand, the dog radical (犭) was used for all non-Han ethnic groups before the Chinese Communist Party took power on the mainland. Is there truth to that? If so: Why did the CCP stop ...
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3 answers

How would I say Dominican Republic in Chinese?

Google translate gives me: Duōmǐníjiā gònghéguó. But I wondered if the chinese use a smaller word or lop-off the Republic at the end?­­­­
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3 answers

Is 菜心 used in Mandarin?

Is the vegetable 菜心 (Choy Sum - English rendering of Cantonese) called 菜心 in Mandarin? Is it pronounced "cài xīn" or is it pronounced as it would be in Cantonese?
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Official place names

Is there an official list of place names (esp. for non-Chinese places)? If a bureaucrat or journalist in China is writing about a lesser-known foreign place, how do they determine the characters? I ...
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中东 - "Middle East" or "Eastern China"?

The dictionary lists both Middle East and Eastern China for 中东. Is one of these meanings more common? What would be a native speaker's first impression of the word? Does the meaning vary from mainland,...
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2 answers

Why use 非 and 亚 for continent names?

Why was 非 chosen for 非洲 (Africa) and 亚 chosen for 亚洲 (Asia)? I can't find a particular reason to use these characters.
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How do we know what characters correspond to Chinese names?

Recently I've asked "How do we choose the correct characters for a westerner name?", and now, I'm facing a similar, yet kind of different problem, which I think applies to any westerner or Chinese ...
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