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For questions about Chinese characters and/or language found on seals, stamps, inscriptions, hand signatures, paintings, etc.

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Meaning of seal and engraved characters on teapot

I came across an old teapot with inscriptions, but since I don’t speak Chinese, I have no means to know what is written on it. There are two columns of five characters (four columns with twenty ...
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Help please me find out what this means

I’m looking to find out what this means. Please help was handed down to me from my family
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What are these characters on old brass stamps?

These brass stamps were found by a relative in China ~1917. I'm wondering what the inscriptions mean. The smaller one in the likeness of an elephant is worn and discolored.
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Seal under a bronze vase

Can someone help me to read this seal found under an old looking bronze vase. Can this seal allow to identify the manufacture of this vase and the period ?
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How to look up seal script characters?

When we know a modern Hanzi, finding its seal script equivalent in a dictionary is not a problem. However, a more common case is that we have an existing seal script character we cannot identify, and ...
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Deciphering a seal on the bottom of a Buddha figure (Characters identified: 乾隆御製)

I have a friend who bought a Buddha figure on a Chinese market. On its bottom there is this seal, written in seal script, that has an original size of 1.5cm × 1.5cm. Any idea what it means? The ...
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Can someone help translate this seal script (I think)?

I was told the symbols on this table was seal script. I'm having trouble confirming/translating them. Any help/advice?
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What are the six characters on this seal? (Characters identified: 漢高皇帝後裔)

What are the characters on this seal? The middle two seem to be 皇帝, but I can't make out the other four.
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Can anyone assist me in the translation of this vertical inscription and the oval seal positioned below it?

This text is inscribed to the left on my calligraphy style zen Buddhist painting. I guess this could be considered running script. There is an oval shaped, white character seal located directly below. ...
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What does this mark mean? (Characters identified: 周桂珍制)

Could someone please help me with the mark on this yixing teapot please?
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Round seal stamp on a teapot (Characters identified: 沈紅英制)

This is stamped on the bottom of a yixing teapot. Can anyone translate what the name is please? Thank you.
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