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What is the history of 要?Did it first mean "to want" and then get extended to mean "to be gong to"? Or was it the other way around?

要 can mean both "to be going to" and "to want". So the sentence: 我要看电视 would probably mean "I want to watch TV", but "(明天)我要上学“ would probably mean "I am going ...
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What does 肯 mean, in the word 肯定?

肯: Archaic: bone on marrow ----> 中肯=essence Agree, consent Be willing to, be ready to Often, tending to Which of these meanings gives us the word 肯定?
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What is the semantic extension of 成?

How can we correctly think of the history of 成? It is used as a result-complement as well as a meaningful bound form (成人,成长,成功,etc.). Which usage is original and gave rise to the other?
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