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Separable verbs (or: verb-object compounds) are verbs that can be separated, such as 睡觉 within 睡一个好觉.

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When and why is 的 used with an object in the middle between compound verbs?

I can't understand when this happens. For example, I know such a variation 我生你的气 and 帮他的忙。 but why doesn't it happen with other similar verbs? For example 说话,吃饭,结婚?
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Can 出神 be split by something other than an aspect marker?

The Pleco dictionary indicates that 出神 is a separable verb (离合词). Yet, is it possible to separate 出 from 神 in 出神, by something else than an aspect marker (了, 过, 着)? For instance 出几次神.
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Can 同学 really be used as a separable verb?

Online, you can find this example of 同学 being used as a separable verb: 我和他同过三年学。 He and I were classmates for three years. I'm skeptical this is correct. (Sometimes databases have errors, and ...
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Is 起草 a separable verb?

Pleco lists the following example sentence for 起草: 这封信你来起个草吧。 This indicates 起草 is a separable verb. And it's possible to find examples online of 起草 being used as a separable verb, such as 我已经起了个草 ...
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他游了一个小时的泳. What is the grammar rule for separating 游 and 泳

In duolingo chinese course I came across this sentence. 他游了一个小时的泳. What is the grammar rule for separating 游 and 泳 ? And why "的" in "一个小时的" ?
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Does 下 in 吃不下饭 convey any meaning?

我们着急得吃不下饭,睡不好觉。 I understand that 好 in 睡不好觉 adds the meaning of "well", so "sleep well" instead of "sleep", but does 下 in 吃不下饭 change anything?
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What's the meaning of 龙舟队分哪个两个组?

What is the meaning of this sentence? 龙舟队分哪个两个组? Moreover, is 分组 a separable verb 离合动词, or is it a verb and a noun? I haven't found grammar references that explain the verb in question. I'm confused ...
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Using Dual-Character Verbs When Not Necessary

I am having trouble determining whether using both characters in a dual-character verb is always necessary. I am unsure about intransitive vs transitive verbs and am trying to better understand the ...
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Double (overlapping) separable verbs?

I have recently come across this sentence: 她惊讶得说不出话来 Which I couldn't understand for a while, but now it seems like 说话 and 出来 overlap: 说 话 出 来 Is this a normal thing to happen in Chinese, ...
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Are there common rules about the usage of verb-object compounds?

Before jumping into my question, please forgive me if this question has ever been asked by someone else (I didn't find one though), but could someone please explain to me the rules (or the way) of ...
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Which online resources (preferably open source / cc) does contain info on which Chinese verbs is separable?

Some Chinese verbs are separable (also called verb-object compounds), that is: 他今天上三個鐘頭的課 (He/she had three hours of class today) Where 上課 is a separable verb. As there is no rules on which verbs ...
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Is there a comprehensive list of separable verbs (离合动词) anywhere?

Problem: I need to find and compile a list of separable verbs / 离合词. Searching the internet I have managed to collect a list of 65 verbs which of course is not enough. Some examples of separable verbs ...
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