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Separable verbs (or: verb-object compounds) are verbs that can be separated, such as 睡觉 within 睡一个好觉.

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What's the meaning of 龙舟队分哪个两个组?

What is the meaning of this sentence? 龙舟队分哪个两个组? Moreover, is 分组 a separable verb 离合动词, or is it a verb and a noun? I haven't found grammar references that explain the verb in question. I'm confused ...
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Double (overlapping) separable verbs?

I have recently come across this sentence: 她惊讶得说不出话来 Which I couldn't understand for a while, but now it seems like 说话 and 出来 overlap: 说 话 出 来 Is this a normal thing to happen in Chinese, ...
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