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Questions tagged [simplified-characters]

For questions about simplified Chinese characters (standardized in printing since the 1950s in mainland China). Not merely for questions which happen to be written in simplified Chinese.

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Sequence of Chinese characters for keeping track of days of the year

I wonder whether anyone has knowledge of any sequence of Chinese characters used for describing such a list (one character for each of the 365 days in a year). Such a list could be memorized by people ...
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Do any modern dictionaries use the original 214 Kangxi radicals?

For simplified characters, do any modern paper dictionaries include an index of characters using the original 214 Kanxi radicals? I'm familiar with the original 214 Kanxi radicals due to their usage ...
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Game 四加一 or 四紮 rules or origin unknown

I have read about this variant in the context of weiqi, however, I cannot find anything about it online. It's something about placing a combination of up to four stones as one move, but what about ...
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