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Questions about terminology used in sports

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How do I say the exercises "Bridges", "Supermans", "Scissor kicks", "Wall sits", "Lying lateral leg lifts", and "Side planks" in Chinese?

I would like to know how to say the following exercises in Chinese: Bridges Supermans Scissor kicks Wall sits Lying lateral leg lifts Side planks Google Translate gives: 1. 橋 2. 超人 3. 剪刀腳 4. 牆坐 ...
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How do you say "do a plank" in Chinese?

Here is a person doing a "plank". What would you say in Chinese?
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What does “射個三分波” mean?

I was watching a video from Hong Kong’s Apple Daily newspaper, and they mentioned the phrase in question as such: “港鐵就射個三分波 叫我們問政府”. My guess is that 三分波 refers to an action in some sport, possibly ...
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Which one has the correct "lian", 炼功夫 or 练功夫?

The phrase means "to practice kung fu". Which one is correct? 炼功夫 (锻炼的炼) or 练功夫 (练习的练)? I've seen both versions floating about online but I've a feeling only one of them is correct and ...
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Sports verbs 打 and 踢: which one is suitable for martial arts?

For sports you have some verbs like 打 when you do the sport with your hand like 打篮球 or 踢 when you do it with your feet like 踢足球. What about sports you use both hands and feet or none? What verb ...
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How to say "season's / personal best (result in sport for athlete)" in Chinese?

How to say "season's best (result in sport for athlete)" in Chinese? I mean there could be personal best (all time, does not matter this or past or past-past year), and seasonal best result (only ...
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Does anyone have a list of SCUBA diving related terms in Chinese?

Things like regulator, atmospheric-air filled tank, nitrox, snorkel. Helpful!
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What is "Nordic hamstring curl" in Chinese?

I've searched nordic hamstring curl and its synonyms glute ham raise and natural ham curl on Baidu. None of top Chinese articles had Chinese words for it, they just used the English words: http://www....
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