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Questions tagged [stroke-order]

Questions about the characters' stroke order.

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Resource to find ductus of a symbol

Is theire any ressource (font, software) who give ductus for a given character with both the strokes order and the way each stroke should be drawn? I search it to make my own writing paper depending ...
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How to sort list (PHP-Array) of countries in Chinese simplified language ('alphabetically')-> in Radical-Stroke Order?

I have to sort a country list (written in PHP programming language as an associative array in the order 'xy' => 'name of country',) in simplified Chinese language to make sense for Chinese people. ...
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How can I learn how to use a stroke-keyboard?

I use Pinyin -> 汉子 keyboard normally, but when I see a character I don’t know, I wish I could type it by sight, without copying and pasting it to translate, or selecting it to look it up. I have ...
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stroke order of 點

On some resources, the sixth and seventh stroke is not the same. For instance :
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How do online stroke order dictionaries render intermediate stages?

How does software like and other stroke order dictionaries and practice tools (including authoritative sources like Taiwan's MoE) know how to generate the iterative images of ...
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What are the reasons for multiple variants on how to write 茶 (tea)?

I'm learning on how to write basic Chinese characters and have some basic familiarity with some of the variants across Simplified and Traditional form. For some characters, such as 茶 (tea), I see a ...
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what is the nature of strokes of 爫

爫 is written in a different way than 爪 when it is used as a component in a character. I would be sure that 丿 piě 丶 diǎn 丶 diǎn 丿 piě is the correct draw. 爪 is written 丿 piě 丿 piě 丨 shù ㇏ nà ...
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Stroke order of 爾

So I looked up 爾 on tofulearn, and it gave me the most bizarre stroke order animation. You can see it here: I then checked a couple other places, ...
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Chinese stroke order diagram styles resources

I'm looking for a resource online that shows the stroke orders of a character in just one box for my Anki flashcards on my phone. The format should look something like this (unfortunately it's Kanji ...
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App to learn stroke order and writing chinese characters

As the title says, I am looking for an app to learn stroke order and writing chinese characters. Ideally, the software would eventually teach me to draw a character (with my fingers on the touchscreen)...
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Stroke order for 长

I was practising cháng when I looked up the strike order and got confused by the first and second stroke: Because I learned the stroke order differently like this:
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Are both these stroke orders for 里 and 再 correct in mainland China?

I've encountered two different stroke orders for writing 里: They disagree at the fifth stroke. The first one is on Wiktionary and Visual Mandarin, while the second I encountered on TOFU Learn (link ...
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Where can I find a list of chinese characters and their transcription in the 5 stroke classes used in the 五笔画 (wǔ bǐhuà) and Wubixing input method?

For a personal project I want to create a (huge) graph that contains some (as many as possible) chinese characters along the paths of their corresponding keyboard input using the 5 stroke classes ...
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Is there an official stroke order for each character?

I’m a learner of Japanese for now some years, and I really like kanji, or chinese characters, and I’ve recently taken some interest in the Chinese language though I don’t intend to learn it. My ...
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Simplified Chinese Stroke order animation

I want to show Simplified Chinese stroke order animation with unity or C#, is there an open source library? If not, is there paid repository of stroke order diagrams in unity or C#?
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2 answers

The stroke order for the component 辶 (Chuo) If you click on the character zhe here, you will get an option to figure out what the stroke order is. For some reason ...
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Stroke order of 㠭

I usually use when looking up stroke order, but they didn't have any information on 㠭. This isn't the first time this has happened, but usually it's easy enough to guess. However, ...
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Stroke order database

I'd like to provide SVG, or at least GIF stroke order diagrams on my website. Is there a database similar to the Japanese KanjiVG, but for Simplified and Traditional hanzi? If not, is there a free ...
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Logic behind the strokes of complex characters

I am learning Chinese now, and we've been introduced to Chinese characters as 'pictograms'. I understand the logic behind some characters, like 口 mouth to and 人 person. But, what about complex ...
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Stroke direction of the 舌 radical in 舒

In the 舌 radical the first stroke is right to left but inside 舒 it is left to right. Why? I know some characters where the stroke order changes when it is a radical (e.g. the 牛 in 物) but I haven't ...
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Stroke order of 力 vs 九

I'm curious as to why the stroke order of 力 is different to the stroke order of 九. One page I found (力 and 九 stroke order) theorises that the reason is because 力 has "touching" strokes and there is a ...
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Stroke order confusion: 妆, 装 vs 乘

Stroke order according to Nciku and Visual Mandarin for 妆 and 装, the left radical, 丬, the two ticks go before the bar. But in 乘, the radical that looks like 丬, the bar comes before the two ticks. ...
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Stroke order for 印

I've seen two different stroke orders for this character: and Which one is more "correct" or widely used? It seems to me that the fourth stroke in the latter picture is incorrect, and that it ...
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Why is stroke order important when writing Chinese characters?

I often see people having a big focus on correct stroke order for writing Chinese characters. My question is, for most learners, is it important to know the stroke order, and if so, why is it ...
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Which fonts show the stroke order of all characters?

For academic purposes, I need to print out some pages of characters with stroke orders shown. Which computer fonts (e.g. TrueType or OpenType) are available which show the stroke order of each ...
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General guidelines for learning stroke order

A friend asked me for a brief description of the general guidelines for writing Chinese characters. What are the simplest ways to describe those "rules" that apply across most characters?
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Is there an authoritative reference for the stroke order of simplifed characters?

It seems various people often have various ways to write the same characters. For instance, I have seen the radical "忄" being written in three different ways (left, middle, right; left, right, middle; ...
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