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How can I learn how to use a stroke-keyboard?

I use Pinyin -> 汉子 keyboard normally, but when I see a character I don’t know, I wish I could type it by sight, without copying and pasting it to translate, or selecting it to look it up. I have ...
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stroke order of 點

On some resources, the sixth and seventh stroke is not the same. For instance :
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What are the reasons for multiple variants on how to write 茶 (tea)?

I'm learning on how to write basic Chinese characters and have some basic familiarity with some of the variants across Simplified and Traditional form. For some characters, such as 茶 (tea), I see a ...
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Example of Mandarin characters that can not be expressed through other characters, Kangxi radicals or CJK strokes?

I had question about the expression of one character into the radicals and I found the answer myself Does 习 contain the alterantive hook (Kangxi 6) radical and is more information available about this ...
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what is the nature of strokes of 爫

爫 is written in a different way than 爪 when it is used as a component in a character. I would be sure that 丿 piě 丶 diǎn 丶 diǎn 丿 piě is the correct draw. 爪 is written 丿 piě 丿 piě 丨 shù ㇏ nà ...
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list of traditional Chinese sorted/grouped by number of strokes [closed]

I'm looking for a list of traditional Chinese sorted/grouped by number of strokes. I have found some lists which contain around 500 characters. I'd like to have more, at least 2,000. Also, some lists ...
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When 马 is used as the left component (e.g. in 骑), does the 一 héng stroke change to ㇀ tí?

I am thinking about the 马 character. I know that when you use 土 and 车 on the left in a composed character (like 地,场... and 较,辆 ...) the 3rd stroke in 土, and the 4th in 车 change from 一 héng to ㇀ tí. ...
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Is the 6-th stroke of 您 Pie or Dian?

Consider the character 您 My dictionary says that the 6th stroke is 撇 whereas the 8th stroke is 点. Is there a difference between how these strokes are written ? I mean the short 撇 in 你 and the left ...
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When does 木 as a character component get detached legs?

Is there any discernible rule concerning whether 木 as a component of a character has attached legs (as in 李) or has detached legs (as in 新)? Worse, this seems to vary from country to country.
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Is the first stroke of "啟" 点 or 撇 or 横?

The above images seem to indicate different answers.
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How did 鳥 end up a Kangxi radical but not 烏?

烏, wū, crow, 10 strokes, 灬 radical 鳥, niǎo, bird, 11 strokes, 鳥 radical All the way since at least seal script, 鳥 seems like just 烏 with an additional stroke. They both describe birds in one way or ...
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Where can I find a list of chinese characters and their transcription in the 5 stroke classes used in the 五笔画 (wǔ bǐhuà) and Wubixing input method?

For a personal project I want to create a (huge) graph that contains some (as many as possible) chinese characters along the paths of their corresponding keyboard input using the 5 stroke classes ...
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Name of strokes in Chinese character Heart

Sorry to bother everyone about this, but I've spent an evening trying to find an answer on the webz to no avail. I've consulted various Chinese sites, tried to study animated Chinese character gifs, ...
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Chinese anagrams

I'd like know where I can find a list of anagrams, which could be easily created from a corpus of words, just selecting those with the same number of the same characters yet in different positions. ...
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How many stroke does Chinese Traditional Word "蕭" have?

I have referred to China Mainland Online Dictionary and Online Stroke Order Dictionary of Ministry of Education of Republic of China Both are giving different numbers of stroke for this word. ...
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Radical names and stroke names

Sometimes a character component has one pronunciation as a Kangxi radical, another one as a stroke, and perhaps even more: 一: yī / héng 丨: gǔn / shù 丶: zhǔ / diǎn 亅: jué / shùgōu 乙: yǐ / ...
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Stroke order of 㠭

I usually use when looking up stroke order, but they didn't have any information on 㠭. This isn't the first time this has happened, but usually it's easy enough to guess. However, ...
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Is there any printed or handwritten precursor to this 门 (door, gate) glyph?

I recently started seeing this odd rendering of the 门 character, may be it's only in the font that my browser defaults to. Here's an image (2nd character in the title): Does anyone know if this glyph ...
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How to type strokes?

In the same spirit as my other question about how to type certain radicals, I would like to know how to type strokes themselves. I would like to be able to type all the strokes listed on the ...
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Characters which have several different shapes

For those who might not read the question fully: this not about simplified vs traditional characters. While the traditional and simplified version of a character can be considered the same, they at ...
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