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Taiwanese is the people who live in Taiwan, and is also their language. Taiwanese use traditional Chinese to write and record.

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Useful resources for learning Taiwanese?

My girlfriend is from Fujian and speaks 闽南语, so I am trying to learn so I can communicate with her family better. The struggle is finding any useful resources (even in Chinese), so I'm wondering if ...
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Difference between learning Mandarin Chinese and Taiwanese Hokkien for visiting Taiwan

I'm planning on visiting Taiwan as a tourist for about one week next year. Both Wikipedia and Wikivoyage say that Mandarin Chinese and Taiwanese Hokkien are common languages there. What advantages ...
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5 answers

“哩勒公蝦毀” what does this mean?

What does “哩勒公蝦毀” mean? A Taiwanese guy said that to me after I had, accidently, mistyped two words in an idiom I used on him. He also used an expression of surprise (I presume) which went like “蛤?!” ...
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Is this Chinese and what is the meaning: 阿ㄘㄟˊ

I was listening to a pop song by the Chinese singer 那英. The song is called 天生不完美. I was curious to read the lyrics and so checked them at the following address: ...
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Characters for Taiwanese

As far as I know, Cantonese has its associated characters. But as I searched for Taiwanese characters, I only find the pinyin system to indicate the pronunciation of words, such as: 遮雨 jia-hōo/lia-...
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Are Sinitic languages mutually comprehensible?

According to this map, there are different Chinese "languages" (Sinitic languages) in the Chinese area. Is my understanding correct that the "official" Chinese language is the Mandarin? In other ...
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3 answers

"Disgusting" as the Chinese would say it

How to say "Disgusting." in Chinese (the Taiwanese way, and Hong Kong way) about the defilement of a nation's culture & traditions? I need the harshest word for 'disgusting' possible.
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What is the difference between 星心相印 and 心心相印?

The title is all that is necessary, but the following description can give context. I know the phrase, 「心心相印」means something to the effect of "two hearts beating in unison" which might be said of a ...
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The Taiwanese accent: are pairs "种,总", "四,是", "忘,万" pronounced EXACTLY the same?

My European impression is that pairs zh-z, sh-s, ch-c etc., but also ng-n are pronounced in a VERY similar way in the Taiwanese accent. However, I'm not sure if they're EXACTLY the same. Is the ...
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Is ㄙㄨㄚˋ (sua4) for the character 嘴 from another Chinese dialect or language?

In my explorations of my area of Taichung today I noticed this sign with Zhuyin Fuhao and took a photo to look it up when I got home: And it seems that ㄙㄨㄚˋ (sua4) is not even an existing syllable in ...
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How to express gratitude as a house guest?

How would the following sentence come across as a part of a thank you letter to a family receiving you as a guest in their home in Taiwan? The letter is to be sent before arriving as a "thank you in ...