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Questions tagged [teaching-methods]

For questions about how to effectively teach other people Chinese.

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Teaching Pinyin and Characters together vs Teaching Pinyin then Characters

I'm designing a curriculum to teach middle school students elementary Chinese. When I started learning, I began with Traditional Chinese characters and pinyin together on day one. I'm not so sure the ...
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Using 色 with colors [duplicate]

I'm making something to teach students Chinese colors... Let's say they have to match a color to a square- Is it okay to just use 红, 蓝, 紫, etc on each block just as long as they know 色 means color... ...
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What is the purpose of using 成语接龙 to learn 成语?

My son attends Chinese classes and one of the techniques they focus on is teaching the children to learn 成语接龙. From my observation this allows someone to learn a large number of 成语 as it prompts you ...
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What are some US Mandarin curriculum standards?

I'd like to start tutoring Mandarin through software I am writing. What are US domestic curriculum standards that I can base my teachings off of, starting at the middle- high-school level? Please ...
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How to name the rank or order class lessons and their sessions in chinese?

I´m trying to name my class sessions in chinese, but i´m doubting how to name the rank or order them. Can you help me? Thanks! 第一课, 第二课,第三课,第四课 第一单元 ,第二单元 ,第二单元 课文 一,课文 二,课文三 第一课文, 第二课文,第三课文,第四课文 if ...
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Are there any rules or regulations for making a Chinese learning (focused on HSK) mobile app?

I want to make an app to teach Chinese and prepare people for HSK, but I don't know if there are any rules or regulations that I should adhere to.
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