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When is it appropriate to address a lady as 先生?

Chairman Mao addressed Soong Ching-ling as 宋庆龄先生. Yang Jiang was also addressed as 杨绛先生 by the public. My dad used to tell me to address some of his female colleagues as 先生 too. I wonder why a lady ...
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Addressing women as "小姐" in Northern China

I heard that it is not appropriate to call women or girls "小姐" in northern China. That it is considered rough and has a meaning close to "hooker". So I never address girls or women as "小姐" in the ...
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What is a good form of address for a male friend who is too old to be 小, too young to be 老, and too humble to be called 大?

I have a male "friend", last name 柯 (kē) who is over 30. From ages 18-30 or so, he went by 小柯, but that seems less and less appropriate as he gets older. Always going by his full name seems overly ...
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What professions can be called 师傅?

After reading this question, I remembered we can also call some of them 师傅. But I'm not sure which ones. Any help? Thank you.
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What professions can be uncle & aunty-ized?

Kids like to call grown-ups Uncle & Aunty. Professions can even be uncle & aunty-ized: 警察叔叔 “一个人在家害怕,警察叔叔帮我找爸妈” In Sichuan there is even 护士娘娘 护士娘娘,我嘴巴干的很,可不可以给我倒杯水啊! What other ...
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