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A tag is a keyword or label that categorizes your question with other, similar questions. Using the right tags makes it easier for others to find and answer your question.

Questions on specific points regarding translating Chinese. Do your own research first!
Questions about the grammatical rules governing Chinese structure and composition.
Questions about understanding the meaning of words, phrases, etc. For in-context meaning, use [meaning-in-context].
Questions about what word fits better in a certain context or situation.
927 questions
Questions about understanding words or phrases within a given context.
898 questions
Questions about the use of expressions, parts of speech, words, verbs, etc.
777 questions
For questions about differences or comparisons between two or more words, lexical nuances, characters, pronunciation, syntax, etc.
747 questions
Question specifically about the Mandarin dialect. (Not for arbitrary questions that happen to involve Mandarin.)
706 questions
Questions about Chinese characters, called Hanzi.
691 questions
For questions about vocabulary, i.e. a set of words, as a whole. NOT for questions about meaning or translations, even when more than one word or phrase is involved.
Questions about the origin and history of Chinese words. Use [glyph-origin] for the origin of characters.
545 questions
For questions about a discrete unit of written or spoken text of the smallest size to convey distinct meaning. In English but not Chinese will usually be separated from other words by a space when wri…
Questions regarding the correct consonants, vowels, tone, stress, rhythm and intonation of a word in spoken Chinese
451 questions
Questions about the identification of Chinese characters, especially characters seen in photos and other visual materials.
Questions concerning the types of words and phrases which are grouped and ordered meaningfully to express a statement, question, or another type of sentence
364 questions
The Chinese language spoken in and around Guangzhou city (formerly Canton), Hong Kong, and central and western Guangdong province.
341 questions
For questions about simplified Chinese characters (standardized in printing since the 1950s in mainland China). Not merely for questions which happen to be written in simplified Chinese.
280 questions
A phrase is a group of words that form a single unit in the syntax of a sentence.
249 questions
Questions regarding regional variants of the Chinese language
246 questions
For questions about Chinese characters and/or language found on seals, stamps, inscriptions, hand signatures, paintings, etc.
For seeking a Chinese word or phrase that fits a meaning. Please be specific about the intended use of the word, including context.
226 questions
Questions about the graphical origin and evolution of characters. Use [etymology] for the origin and history of Chinese words.
223 questions
For questions about traditional Chinese characters (predating reforms in the 1950s in mainland China, and still used in e.g. Hong Kong and Taiwan). Not merely for questions which happen to be written…
222 questions
Classical Chinese (古文, Pinyin: gǔ wén, "ancient text") is the language of the classic literature from the Spring and Autumn period through to the end of the Han Dynasty, a written form of Old Chinese.…
213 questions
Questions related to idioms, maxims, sayings, and other expressions consisting of a combination of words that has an indirect, figurative meaning. Use also the tag [chengyu] for questions about chengy…
213 questions
Questions about the official transcription writing system that is used to write the reading of chinese characters using the roman alphabet.
193 questions
Questions about the Chinese language which are influenced by culture.
187 questions
Questions related to Chinese names.
173 questions
Questions related to written Chinese. Note: there are separate tags for 'handwriting' and 'characters'.
165 questions
Questions about the tones used in Chinese.
164 questions
Questions about more or less fixed expressions.
162 questions
Questions concerning search and sharing of supplementary resources used in the process of language study: books, articles, links to Web sites, audio and video recordings, corpora, etc. Click on "Learn…
152 questions
Questions related to the history of the Chinese language(s).
147 questions
For questions about the process and techniques used to learn Chinese or its topolects.
146 questions
A tag for discussing the nuances of particles. Including 的, 了, 吗, 过, 吧, 着, etc.
145 questions
Questions about verbs, their characteristics and their specific use.
137 questions
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