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What is the correct style/format when including Chinese translations in academic articles?

If I'm writing a scholarly article I normally put the Chinese first (Pinyin italicized and before characters) like this: Many songs were written to praise the Chinese Communist Party and the zǔguó ...
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How should I mention my Chinese professor in a document?

Both 'Professor Liu Yuxin' and 'Professor Yuxin Liu' are acceptable (apply the first name first or the last name first format depend on the audience). To be safe, just highlight the family name with ...
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Where would one find a library of Chinese classics that have never been translated into English?

several free resources, depend on where you’re: the internet archive has a cadal (china-us million book digital library project) collection, which contains 89000+ books. most books of imperial ...
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Resources for the Chinese section of the Gaokao?

1) As @biubiubiu mentioned, the 五年高考·三年模拟 series (in the student community known as “五·三”) is an excellent and authoritative source for past gaokao exams. I don't think there are official resources ...
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Where can I find a list of commonly mistaken characters?

My list of similar characters. https://kmccready.wordpress.com/2019/01/18/my-list-of-similar-chinese-characters/
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