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𩞘 同【满】。 simplified as: 𬳏 𤿫 表皮破损、脱落 The website zisea has a function called 两分 where you can easily find these characters. For the first one you just search 食㒼 as you put in your question: For the second one you need to change 兌 to 兑 and search 兑皮:


it’s time to try the 異體字字典, maintained by the ministry of education, taiwan 🇹🇼 the second character is explained as: 1.表皮剝落、破損。見《玉篇.皮部》。 2.皮壞。見《集韻.入聲.沒韻》。 have fun :)


the character is 莉 (u+8389), sound file; it’s the transliteration of “lynne”. “莉” originally means grass (艸); later used for white jasmine as in “茉莉”.莉 imo, it’s quite good, for female name 😸

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