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Bronze script on Chinese Ge (Characters identified: 之戈)

The characters are 「㞢(之)戈」, which is an incomplete inscription. For example, 「XX之戈」 means Dagger-axe of XX, so you have a proper noun or person's title missing from the inscription. As the characters ...
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I need help identifying the characters on this artist’s seal (Characters identified: 南海)

It looks like “南凌” to me. But the instead of 凌 with two dots on the left it uses older version with 3 dots on the left 淩
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Does anyone know how to read that kind of music sheet ? It’s supposed to be for an instrument called Guqin

Yes, in fact I play guqin myself, although only as a casual hobby level. Almost none of these are actually chinese characters and aren't read as vocab, but basically chinese acronyms of actions to ...
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