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Could this kind of a radical-based null cipher be possible in Chinese?

try “拆字”, or “離合”, the traditional methods to “cipher” characters What words exist that come from deconstructed characters? a radical-based null cipher be possible in Chinese? no. btw, it should be “...
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Where can I find a database of all recorded 姓?

There are a few dictionaries that collect surnames. The links show you the book cover and metadata. 中国姓氏大辞典 (Dictionary of Chinese Surnames, 中国姓氏源流大辞典 (...
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Glyph origin of 蝠

Wiktionary is primarily a word dictionary, and as such, some of its phrasing around glyph origins (which is a character-oriented study) may not be clear. The same unclear description issues appear in ...
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Glyph origin of 蝠

To get things out of the way, let me first explain the etymology for 蝠. 蝠 (PY: fú; kind of bat) indeed appeared to be a pictograph of an actual bat during the bronze script. However though, this was ...
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