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Chinese may have many characters, but many are not in use such as some 甲骨文 and such. Many (pretty much all) Chinese characters are from drawings, with the exception of new ones such as 'biang' . Your average Chinese adult that graduated college only needs to know around ~3000 and experts know ~5000 or ~7000 if you are really good. Some characters become ...


It is almost impossible. As a native, I was still be required to have the practice in my senior high school by my teacher. Do not give up. Have your paractice patiently and regularly. Maybe 5 years or 8 years, you will find your own way to write every character. And when you find that your same Chinese characters look almost same, then you might begin to ...


Maybe Paley is a choice But I don't think the software works very well


Those are traditional characters 愛 (ài) Love 尊敬 (zūnjìng) Respect, honour, esteem 忠誠 (zhōngchéng) Loyal, faithful


Different from the other answers, I'm from Hong Kong and we don't really commonly teach using a phonetic system. The popular Chinese language in Hong Kong is Cantonese. And although there are various phonetic systems for Cantonese, such as Jyutping and S. L. Wong romanization. There isn't an official system. Most people I guess who speaks Cantonese in Hong ...

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