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A common usage of 我去 is 我了个去 or 哎呀我去. It's just used to express surprise,ridiculousness, astonishment, etc.. It's not relevant to "damn, shit, fxxk" or anything. I think it's more like "what the heck/hell" in English. I also disagree that it's short for 我去你的. 我去你的 is a dismissal phrase while 我去 doesn't connote that sense.


去你的 : (verb) screw Go hell! 去你的 Fxxk "我去你的" = "I (am saying this): damn!" 去你的 literally mean "go yours" (implying 'go to hell') 我去 is a proclamation. It is similar to "Damn!/ Shit!/ FXXK!" " in English.


Its an abbreviation of 我了个去,which is a euphemism of 我了个叉,were “了个” roughly means "got one", to emphasis the last word “叉” (fuck).


我去:When used to express strong emotions, it can be to yourself or others. For example: annoyance, anger, loss, surprise, envy, etc., which is close to the meaning of "我靠".

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