For all questions about complements, otherwise not covered by more specific tags

A complement is usually a phrase, sometimes introduced by a preposition, that provides additional meaning or context to another expression.

The most frequently taught complements in Chinese are, in short:

  • result complement, to describe the result of the main action
  • potential complement, to state the ability or inability to perform the action
  • direction complement, to describe the actual or figurative direction of the action
  • degree complement, to describe the level or intensity of the predicate
  • duration complement, to describe the extension in time of the predicate

Other complements (which may or may not be identified as such, depending on the teaching materials you are using) are the location complement, prepositional phrases, etc.

The only complements that have their own tags are and . Please use those two whenever possible.

Use this tag instead for all other complements which don't have their own tags yet.