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The songs in the video are in Chinese. The symbols in Chinese are called Hanyu Pinyin, which have the same meaning as the phonetic symbols in English.


Quote:- "So, are they Malaysian or Chinese? And if they are Malaysian, why are they singing a Chinese song in Chinese?" The girls are, in terms of nationality, Malaysians. "...why are they singing a Chinese song in Chinese?" To understand why this is so, you need to know a bit of history, otherwise you'll be quite confused as you are now. Malaysia, (i.e....


if you have culture shock, you must be, well, . . . non-chinese 😸 the traditional folk “wisdom” is “以形補形” (roughly; eating particular animal’s organ to enhance one’s relevant organ) 有没有可能这瓶酒里面真的有这些鞭 do you fancy to have? 🙀 no lah. most likely, three of these, and other medicinal ingredients in thousands / millions of gallons of alcohol. then, a few ...

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