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Difference between: 有多少个 and 有几个

多小 is wrong, 多少 is correct. I think chat gpt is right. 几 is more casual and often used in oral Chinese. If you need to write an article, use 多少 is better, more formal. (experience from student: If you ...
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Difference between: 有多少个 and 有几个

有多少 = how many (approximately)? 有几个 = how many (exactly)? The former is used to quantify something, for which the exact number is less certain, or not as important.
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信息 vs 資訊: what's the difference?

资讯 is similar to 新闻 (news), in fact 新闻资讯 is often used as a whole. It's a short piece of text that conveys information to people. 信息 can refer to all kinds of information, like 身份信息 (identity ...
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