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I don't get the meaning of syntactic structure but I guess yes there is equivalent in Chinese: (1) Jenny 就是 Jenny (2) 你/她不太像你/她(it's not that like you/she) (3) 是他们吗? (4) 他是我,她是你(but we would probaly say 他演我,她演你)


If we're going for succinctness in speech you could opt for something like: 我有个姐、有个妹。 I believe that this is the most natural & shortest way to express this.


我有一个姐姐和一个妹妹 This is good. 我是三个姐妹中中间的一个 This is usually expressed in another way: "我家一共姐仨,我是老二", or "我妈(我爸)有三个闺女,我是老二". 我有两个姐妹 It might work, but I don't often hear it. And by the way, maybe related to his question or not: If one says "我有两个兄弟", it often means he has two younger brothers (and gives no information about how many older brothers he has),...


You can say 我有一姊一妹 (I have one older and one younger sister) In general, using literary form reduce the length of a sentence Example: "I have three older sisters, one older brother and one younger sister" can be translated as: "我有三个姐姐,一个哥哥和一个妹妹" "我有三姊一兄和一妹" "She is the mother of three sons and two daughters" can be translated as: "她是三个儿子和两个女儿的母亲" ...

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