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Rotate the laundry would probably be more accurate in English. Maybe try that phrase in Mandarin.


"change the laundry" isn't proper English either. You probably mean "put the laundry in the dryer".


@Virgil Ming: neither is a dishwasher!! 'change the laundry' is somewhat idiomatic! Stick the wet washing in the dryer please. 请吧洗好的衣服放进烘干机。


There really isn’t such a dedicated concise phrase. Dryer hasn’t been a thing in common household of China.


把衣服从洗衣机拿出来放在干衣机里 or 把衣服拿出来烘干 or 把衣服烘干 is the correct answer. 烘 means heat up objects with hot/warm air 我觉得国内绝大多数家庭里都不用干衣机吧,通常都是晾干或者晒干, 至少我家是不用干衣机的(虽然有洗干一体机) 所以没有对应 change the laundry 的说法好像也很正常。


唔知邊個打邊個 As you well know, this is a common Cantonese colloquial phrase which Mandarin speakers will have a hard time appreciating. We use it all the time to express a situation where there is confusion / disorder / a melee of riotous activities. An English equivalent would be something like "pandemonium" or "chaotic", not necessarily in ...

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