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Please note "学校" is not a Chinese concept at all this info is incorrect “學校” as a term, referred to “school”, is quite ancient. even a simple search in have 24 occurrences in literatures before 秦 dynasty:學校 most of them means “school”, such as: 獨斷 卷上 三代學校之別名:夏曰校,殷曰序,周曰庠 後漢書 列傳 班彪列傳下 是以四海之內,...


校 was pronounced jiao instead of xiao in the beginning. It was a military term covering quite wide meaning: to inspect the troops; to practice drill; to compete military skills. The place to do so is always a big open field surrounded by high wood fence, hence radical of wood and the place is 校场。 Please note "学校" is not a Chinese concept at all (&...


Outlier xiào ○ school Here the ○ icon is an indicator of a phonetic loan. So, basically it is just a: character that is "borrowed" to write another homophonous or near-homophonous morpheme It seems that the earliest reading was jiào and not xiào; 校 was just borrowed for its close proximity in sound.


Wiktionary says: 氣: Phono-semantic compound (形聲, OC *kʰɯds, *qʰɯds): phonetic 气 (OC *kʰɯds) + semantic 米 (“rice”) – to give rice as a gift. 气 (OC *kʰɯds) is a pictogram (象形) of clouds flowing through the sky. In the oracle bone script, it was represented by three horizontal strokes, expressing the "feeling" of the sky. However, in order to avoid ...

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