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Is 认 related to 人?

Beyond phonetic reasons, I'd like to offer some kind of semantic reasons from a native speakers perspective, but just for the single word "认", and please forgive and forget if I made ...
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Glyph origin of 皆?

時期字體 字形 (隷定)    參考資料 商甲 甲542合集27749 戰國・楚帛 帛書乙篇9.24 戰國・楚簡 荊門包山2.123 秦簡 睡虎地簡23.2 篆 說文解字自部 楷 「皆」 (Baxter-Sagart OC: /*kˤrij/) was originally made from 「口」 and one or two 「⿱虎几」, which has ...
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How did 發 and 髮 got written as 发 in simplified form?

Same with the word 后. It is the simplified word of 後(back). But the word Queen in Chinese is 后(simplified and traditional).
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