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Formatted as a code block (With U+3000 IDEOGRAPHIC SPACE) Down (numbers) Across (letters)


The answer to the Puzzle In case someone didn't know, I created all the puzzles I posted here to challenge other users, not seeking the answers I don't know.


You should know that, the pronunciation of 解铃还须系铃人 is a long lasting debate. If you want to take an exam in mainland China, you must remember the most updated pronunciation in the dictionary. Otherwise, you're free to choose the one you feel the most feasible. The closest meaning of xi and ji as a verb are shown below. Quoted 百度百科. "系(jì)"是单义词,...


Answered in simplified Chinese. And agree with tsh.


There are 3 mistakes in this puzzle. First, idiom 17 should be 不甘人后, idiom O should be 人之常情, it is an error on design. Second, idiom 12 should be 人非草木孰能无情, 孰 is different from 熟. Third, idiom 2 should be 性命攸关, 攸 is different from 悠. The completed puzzle is as follows.


The term 一點紅 you are referring to is an assassin/ swordsman called '中原一點紅' in a Chinese Martial art novel 《楚留香》 by 古龍. His signature move is a sword-thrust so precise that it only leaves behind a tiny wound, looks like a red dot on his opponent's forehead. We don't know his true name. He was only known as '中原一點紅' in the novel It is fictional, not a real ...

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