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For questions about the process and techniques used to learn Chinese or its topolects.

This tag encompasses all questions that are about the learning process itself, including materials, techniques, memorization strategies, etc.

Please note that it's very easy to ask questions like these that are off-topic. Make sure your question follows the general guidelines, otherwise it may attract close votes.

A few rules of thumb: try as much as possible to ask questions that define a practical issue, and that can be answered objectively.

Asking for recommendations based on your specific situation and background is off-topic, as the answers will probably benefit only you, e.g. "I just got my HSK 5, what should I do next?" or "How can I improve my X".

The reason why "How can I improve my X" is off-topic even though other people might find the answers useful, is because everybody's learning process is different. So answers to such a question simply can not be objective. Everybody here is happy to help you learn Chinese when you encounter difficulties, however open-ended personal questions are just not a very good fit for the format of this Q&A site (see more here).

Asking for learning resources is also likely going to be off-topic, as it's very hard to ask a good question about that. Make sure you check the dedicated thread first: Resources for learning Mandarin Chinese.