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我在读亚瑟王的传奇故事。 I'm reading about the legend of King Arthur. 我在阅读有关埃及古老金字塔的文章。 I'm reading about the ancient pyramids of Egypt. (Not really, I'm too busy trying to get my PHP to work!!)


“I’m reading about Malaysian language.” In Chinese, I’d say something like this: 我在看一点有关马来语的书。


i want to add on, if use 他们 (they), or 她们 (they),while the 他们 can be all male, or mix, but 她们 will always be all female group.


Actually, 在 can express a habitual ongoing action in some context Example: 他畢業後(在)做散工 - He is (working) as a casual worker after he graduated He may not be working right this moment, but taking some odd jobs here and there is a habitual ongoing action that still happening regularly


"你什么时候开始学中文的?" When did you start learning Chinese? "你什么时候开始学中文?" When will you start learning Chinese?

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