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From Pleco: Examples from火冒三丈.html: Babbitt raged, "i'm sick of it!" 巴比特火冒三丈:“烦死我了!” You madden me when you talk of the diamond! 您一提起宝石,我就火冒三丈! Mason was fairly beside himself with rage . 梅森火冒三丈,简直控制不住了。 His obstinacy drives me mad ! 他顽固不化把我气得火冒三丈。 Her criticisms were enough to make anyone see red ...


发愁 - The things to worry are like huge fruits hanging on their stem. It burdens. 着急 - So worried to urge oneself to "do something!" (at all) 担心 - Concerned about something, say a friend's health. The heart feels like hanging in the air. 关心 - Generally care about something, may or may not to an extent of concerning. (Btw, I so agree with your definition ...


老鸽 is an intentional typo. 鸽(Pigeon) can mean "get stood up"(被鸽了,被放鸽子) or "stood sb. up"(放某人鸽子). So this is the combination of both 'bro' and 'a guy that often does not show up in appointments'.


It is not 老鸽.Is 老哥. Usually, it have two mean. one means brother who are older than the speaker. Another is mean kind of like bro in English. If you are sure that 老鸽 is the right word ,it can be somebody's nickname.

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