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「乒乓大方卜」 refers to a biscuit-product-line name cap ping pong (Malay for ping-pong brand, forming the 「乒乓」 part) and large square thin crackers (「大方薄餅乾」; 「餅乾」 is omitted and 「卜」 is a phonetic substitution of 「薄」, meaning thin, forming the 「大方卜」 part). The Hup Seng (合成) company has three snack product lines, one of them named cap ping pong On their website (...


1) There is a difference between 冷得 and 冷到. While 到 has the meanings of "to", "up to", "until (a time)", and "arrive"; 得 simply means "obtain" or "permit". It is clear that 到 has the implication of an event related to the change in space, extent, or time, which is lacking from the meanings of 得. ...


Another perspective: which one is more sooner? 即刻,馬上。I would say 即刻.


As long as immediately in English ;)


It is like "in a sec" in English. It depends on the speaker, sometimes it's few minutes but like if you are waiting for your girlfriend to put on her makeup, 马上 may mean an hour.


Need more context. But to me, it means "After all, you have read something", like a teacher speaking to a naughty student, expressing his surprise that the student does has some knowledge.


蒙:受迷惑(的人)。“蒙者,微昧闇弱之名。” 例句:你别蒙我。 替换为:使迷惑,属于常见的使动用法。即:“你别使我迷惑” 例句:这球踢进门,全是蒙上的。 替换为:在迷惑的状态下,往往带有侥幸的语气。即:“这球踢进门,全是在迷惑的状态下完成的” 例句:一上台就蒙了,不知道该说什么好。 本意,作为状态的转移。即:“(主语)一上台,(主语)就变得很迷惑,不知道该说什么好。” 例句:被人打蒙了。 本意,用在动词后修饰动词导致的结果,以及主语的状态。即:“(主语)被人打了,导致现在(主语)很迷惑” 磨:核心含义为摩擦,来自于碾压谷物的石制农具。“以磨碎物亦曰磨。” 例句:一上午就这么磨过去了。 摩擦后事物直观上会减少,因此引申为消耗。此处消耗的对象是时间。 例句:磨了半天他也不答应。 同上引申为消耗。...


你好,我个人感觉是没有的 有很多词都是在表意不清晰,或者很难想到动词的时候使用 例句: 你把那些剩饭弄弄又可以凑合一顿。 弄就可以当作烹饪的意思 这些词语书面用法比较少,更多的还是口语。 又如你提的蒙 在南方地区很少有这个词汇,蒙进去的球,南方地区(至少广东地区)多用的是:使进去的球 个人感觉这类型的词语还是方言,地方用法中使用较多,并无专门分类


Note, "那" is a 多音字 that has two tones. Each tone makes the same sentence sounds different. John: 他在"那家"医院工作? Which hospital he's working for? (那 - tone 3) Mary: 他在"那家"医院工作. He's working for that hospital. (那 - tone 4)


hihi... thanks for your question. I have same case with you after reading a sentence as "我妈妈是护士,在一家医院工作” 家 is a measure word for counting how many 医院。 That is a reason why in this example they used 一家医院。


🚩 qi reffers to 旗 which means a flag in chinese Trans is a difficult question in china now because lgbt groups are not treated equally so no clue for the trans thing but qi means flag

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