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For questions about measure words and classifiers (量詞 or 量词), e.g., 個/个, 雙/双, 張/张

Chinese classifiers and measure words are found in noun phrases. They always precede the noun and follow a numeral modifier, or a demonstrative adjective. numeral modifier and a noun, to signal that the noun is being counted.

Though the terms "classifier" and "measure word" are often used interchangeably, both translate to 量词, and essentially cover the same grammatical function, they present a difference:

  • a classifier usually doesn't have a meaning on its own, it highlights an inherent property of the noun

  • a measure word does have a meaning on its own, and it provides new information about the noun

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A list of Chinese classifiers and measure words with pinyin, English descriptions and dialectal variants can be found on Wikipedia, List of Chinese classifiers.