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尤娜(Yuna) Heroine of a computer game! Have a look, see if she looks like you! ,是日本游戏制作商史克威尔艾尼克斯出品的电子游戏最终幻想系列第十部《Final Fantasy Ⅹ》(最终幻想Ⅹ)中的虚拟角色,女主角。 Heroine of a computer game! But apparently, there is a man's name Yona also translated as 尤娜


Chinese characters with /yun/ pinyin that suitable for female names: 雲(cloud), 苑(garden), 韻 (melody) Chinese characters with /na/ pinyin that suit for female names: 娜 (graceful), 南(south) Suggestions: 雲娜 /Yúnnà/ (graceful cloud) 韻娜 /Yùn nà/ (graceful melody) 苑南 /Yuàn nán/ (gardern in the south) 韻南 /Yùn nán/ (melody of the south) ~ Chinese characters with /yu/...


TianFuDaDaoBeiLu 1700Hao, Huan QiuZhongXin E1 1Dong 2DanYuan 1601Hao 天府大道北路 1700號, 環球中心 E1 1棟 2單元 1601號 City: cheng du shi City: 成都市 Voivodeship: si chuan sheng Province: 四川省 Country: PRC (China) Zip: 郵編610015


郭 (Kwok, also spelled Kuok) is a Cantonese surname. It is cognate with the Mandarin surname 郭 (Guo, Kuo).


Not only in Chinese even in Luo speaking community(Acoli in Northern Uganda and South Sudan and all the Nilo people) do refers to "Wang" as water source(source of something) . This means in sounding is the same. example like Wang Oo=where friends and families gather during evening fireside,Wanglengo= village in Lamwo,Wang Bur= wound.

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