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8 Citation, with explanation of the word in bold: Think that your hair is looking particularly good today? In Chinese popular culture, it's looking "duang." A Chinese phrase that came out of nowhere, "duang" has taken the Internet by storm, even though many don't really know ...


I took the computer version HSK4 test. Audio was only played once as standard for levels 4-6. You get some small headphones which did cut out the exam room background noise a bit. (If all the levels are being held in the same room then there can be chatter as the lower level test finish earlier.) Pros: Don't have to write characters (this is probably only ...


there is a Chinese version of UD: && China Smack's glossary: China Digital Times also has a list, I'll update with that later. CDT: Sensitive Words Series


It returns results for both If you search Google in Chinese, it will match pages that have the terms in either traditional or simplified. For example, if you search for 台湾, then both pages with 台湾 and pages with 臺灣 will show up in the results. Traditional and simplified Chinese aren't different languages; they're just different scripts (and both are most ...


Following what 倪阔乐 mentioned, here is a helpful visualization for how the newly formed pseudo-character looks like:


I stumbled upon this website: I think it's pretty good. Was hoping to find other similar ones. Looks like there aren't many out there.

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