some tidbits as i known, or heard: calligraphy must be in traditional chinese, no matter in which scripts (cursive, regular, or seal) so, signboards, billboards could be in traditional chinese, such as: it used “報”, instead of “报”; anyway, it’s mr mao’s handwriting 🙀 no one dares to change it classical / literary text should not be changed into ...


Every major input method software used by Chinese people has a simplified/traditional switch button. I use simplified words in my daily life but totally accept traditional words and the people who like to write with traditional words. but if you are writing formal documents, simplified words are much better.


Yes, it is allowable for unofficial occasions, at least in Mainland region. However, such preference might lead to criticism from some Internet users. In principle, this is nobody's business except for the one adopt this typing convention, but there always be somebody jump out and berate him/her for being too condescending hence felt "deeply offended&...

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