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I find 2 versions of translation for this quote on the Chinese Internet, both of them are widely used to teach children to be kind to animals. 1. 从一个人对待动物的态度中,我们可以略晓其善心 2. 我们通过一个人对待动物的态度来判断他的心地


You could try: 吃起来很麻烦 I can't agree with the list of hard to eat foods!


Yes for example 不好吃 味道一般 These two words are not offensive


难以食用 also implies the object cannot be eaten or it is almost impossible to eat it (e.g. 难以抵挡 = cannot withstand; 难以置信 = unbelievable) 无从下口 also refers to 'can't interject opinion' I suggest 食用不便 (inconvenient to eat) or 吃来麻烦 (trouble to eat) For example, crustaceans with hard shells, fish with fine bones are inconvenient to eat, but not impossible


无从下口 is a possible idiom in some contexts. eg. 老虎吃田螺,无从下口

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