For questions about polite expressions, etiquette, formalities, social norms, etc.

This is an umbrella tag for all questions relating to phatic expressions:

[...] communication which serves a social function, such as social pleasantries that don't seek or offer information of intrinsic value but can signal willingness to observe conventional local expectations for politeness.

Use this tag if your question concerns how to express something in Chinese in a socially acceptable way: congratulations, good wishes, how to ask nicely, what to say in formal circumstances, how to make small talk, etc.

Questions about written etiquette — email closures, letters, invites, etc. — may be tagged [politeness] along with other appropriate tags specific to written language.

Currently there are other tags similar to [politeness] which you may find more suitable for your question. Be aware that these tags may be synonym candidates as per this meta post, and thereby be removed from your question. If you are unsure about what tag to pick, please choose [politeness].